Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Christmas is over.........sniff......sniff

Why is it that when we get older Christmas loses that sirten spark. Now don't get me wrong i still love Christmas. Maybe its not my age though...............Now the stores have the christmas items out before its even November. Thanksgiving doesn't even stand a chance with that happening. Then the week before Christmas is at our toes and all the Christmas item are at 50% off like its over already. DOn't get me wrong i love the sales. But i remember Thanksgiving with all the fall color them waiting to see what Christmas Decorcations will going up around town over the week end. And stores don't decorate like they use to either and don't don't celebrate the same way. You don't see slay rides like you use too. no long lines to see santa. I miss that. I think we have lost the true mean to christmas and that makes me really sad. Because Christmas is so much more then a profit for the stores. Its the Birth of Christ that we are celebrating a time of peace and joy. A time when people act kindly to each. the way we should all year round but for some reason we don't. People talk to each other more. I wish we were like that all year round. Yes i'm glity of it also. I think the spirit of Christmas should be all year and the reason we celebrate Christmas should stay CHRIST. so MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL.