Tuesday, March 13, 2007

what a weekend PT 1

well two weekends ago my husband had firefighter school in mankato. He went up bright and early to get to class. Me and the kids met my mom at walmart to do some shopping. While we where there Joel who is two and a half takes off i couldn't find him any where around where we where at so i had them page that he was missing. Some one brought him back right away. Then i had this mother come up to me and tell me that she had seen him walking around the store and asked him where his mommmy was. Then she let him walk way. She told me he didn't have a care in the world where his mommy was/ I so wanted to yell at her that you let him keep walking you idiot.
Then my mom and dad went with me and the kids to home depot so the kids could make butterfly houses at there workshop there that went well then off to mankato we went.
we picked up nick for college and went to Old Navy when we got out my battery had died because i left my lights on. I wish i had the dingy thing in my van. NIck called one of his friends to come jump us. They said of cause we can do that then the people in car next to us said they had some jummper cable they were a couple of high school girls and didn't know how to us them. SO they handed them to nick well nick didn't know how to use them either so i got to teach nick how to jump a car.