Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Wreck This Journal

Well now that Christmas is over I can get back to blogging regularly again. I really haven't done much scrappen or stamping the past week other then Christmas stuff and then I just needed a short break to spend extra time with the kiddos playing with all there neat new goodies.

My little Bro Nick is so awesome. He got me this book for Christmas. Its a journal that you wreck just as the title says. It is very inspiring for artist creating.
Remember all those years of the teacher telling your to color inside of the lines. Well here I got to color outside of the lines. I have always been kinda drumming to my own beat but this was kinda hard for me to do at first. But then I deciede that it was fun.

Then one night when the kids feel asleep I just started using what was even on my desk just sitting there. And started Gluing I won't call it a work of art but it was alot of fun and really got some ideas in my head that I have been playing with.

If you where inspired at all by this got check out Keri Smith's web site she has a couple other books that I hope to be getting soon http://www.kerismith.com/

I hope every one has a happy New Year